Serviced Office Space at Its Best

We here at Mill Studio understand the importance of up to date business technology. Fast and reliable private internet access and flexible, modern digital telephone system are important technical factors affecting business. As a serviced office we are here to support all your business needs and enable your business to run as smoothly as possible from day one.


High-Speed Broadband


Every company’s internet access needs vary, and when one company needs internet mainly for browsing and email, another one may be doing most of their work in cloud needing fast business broadband constantly. We offer our own secured 100Mbps/100Mbps (download and upload) lease line broadband as a standard. Furthermore, we have the option of a dedicated 100mbps/100mbps (unlimited and uncontended) or higher speeds available on request to cater all your business needs. Broadband features super-fast and reliable Cat 5 cabling which ensures you stay connected all day long. If needed, we are happy to provide a fixed IP address or any other configuration.  And in case there’s any problem, our technical support and guidance are there for you.


Advanced VoIP digital telephone system


We are proud to provide an advanced VoIP telephone system for all our clients. The bespoke digital system offers a great range of call handling features to enable flexible working. We can also provide non-geographical numbers and to guarantee a smooth transition; you can bring your own number with you if you wish when moving in. We can set up as many numbers as you require and arrange call forwarding and other features to suit your business needs. The Horizon platform we use also offers businesses total control and administration as required via a unique web portal login. And like always, our dedicated IT team is ready to help and guide you with any issues, so you are not left alone.