What Are the Benefits of Having a Great Work-Life Balance?

At one time, success in your career or business was everything. You were willing to sacrifice your health, your marriage and your family to get ahead of the other guy.

But not now. Increasingly, success coaches and thought leaders in business are emphasising the importance of balancing your work and your life. So what are the benefits of work-life balance?

The Benefits of Work-Life Balance

The benefits of work-life balance go both ways. The advantages to you as a person are more obvious, perhaps. While success and a good income are important, why are you bothering if you don’t have time to spend your money on the things you love?

Giving yourself room to follow your interests, develop your social life and spend time with your family can mean a marked improvement in both your physical and mental health. Recent research suggests that people who work long hours are more likely to suffer a heart attack.

However, you may also find that it’s improving your work performance. If you’re coming to your work refreshed from enjoying your life, you’ll have more energy and enthusiasm. Besides this, with a more robust mental state, you’ll probably bring more imagination and ideas to your job or business.

How to Achieve the Benefits of Work-Life Balance

To create a work-life balance, it’s important to plan your time. Draw up a chart of your week and block off the time for personal things that shouldn’t be sacrificed. These could be attending your kids’ school play, your weekly squash session or time with your partner. They should be priorities, and other calls on your time, such as working extra hours, need to take second place.

Would you consider flexible working hours? Flexible working hours are very beneficial to achieving work-life balance, not only to prioritise personal commitments but also to feel in control of your job. This leads to security and better mental health.

Another change that can make a huge difference is to save time and stress by cutting down your daily commute. If you’re an employee, this could mean accepting a slight reduction in salary, but this may be worth it in terms of increased happiness and family stability. Sometimes, especially with flexible working hours, a business hub close to home could be a good occasional alternative for a daily commute.

If you’re a business owner, it can be more straightforward, since you can choose your work location. Having a business premises near your home can save you time, stress and money, especially if you choose a serviced office. And, if you live somewhere attractive, both you and your employees will be able to benefit from that during work time as well as personal time.

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