Getting Back on Track

Has your business been hit hard by the coronavirus lockdown? You're not alone. From large corporations to one-man-bands, many companies are at risk of going under — but the good news is that there are opportunities, too. You have a chance to get your business back on track.

Turning Disaster into Triumph

As Picasso once said, "Every act of creation is first an act of destruction." This applies as much to advances in your business as it does to the arts.

Every business suffers setbacks, but it's your choice whether you react to it by wallowing in self-pity or turning disaster into triumph. In fact, many small businesses begin with the founder losing their job. Those who succeed are those who decide to do something about it.

The reality of the current situation is that many businesses will go under. However, it's already clear that some are thriving, even in badly hit sectors. All restaurants had to close, for instance, but some transitioned into providing takeaway or home-delivery services, and a few have done so well they're even considering keeping this model.

There are many examples, whether transitioning to eCommerce or slimming down the business to make it fitter for the future. What are the challenges facing your business? The chances are that it will contain an opportunity to become more successful in the 2020s — and that may well include changing your needs for office space.

Do You Need Your Offices?

Models of working have been changing for several years, but the lockdown has thrown this into sharp relief. The reality is that many businesses no longer need all their employees packed into one large, expensive office suite — they may be able to work just as well from anywhere that has WiFi.

This change has been forced on many businesses during the lockdown. Perhaps you've had to close your premises, or it may have been unsafe to commute. However, the lockdown experience has also shown up the difficulties of working from home, from constant domestic interruptions to inadequate technology for business purposes.

Even though we're now come out of lockdown, many of these problems remain. This will particularly affect businesses with offices in London, requiring employees (not to mention yourself) to commute on crowded, potentially dangerous trains.

The other major problem the lockdown has thrown up is that many offices are under long leases, making it difficult to respond to unexpected changes — and not only major pandemics. If you're trapped by your lease, how are you going to expand, slim down or refocus your business in ways that are incompatible with your current premises? Is it possible to combine top-class professional facilities with the flexibility you need?

Mill Studio Can Help

If you're looking for an alternative to inflexible premises and hazardous commuting on the one hand and home computers and dodgy internet on the other, Mill Studio's serviced office space in Ware is the perfect answer. Whether you're taking advantage of a change of circumstance to start up on your own, or whether you're looking for a social-distance compliant option for an employee living near Ware, we can meet your needs.

We provide everything from the highest quality super-fast internet connection to reception services in a building that's fully adapted for safe distancing and anti-coronavirus hygiene. We also have plenty of parking space — but, if you live locally, you can't beat starting and finishing your day with a walk along the scenic River Lea.

In addition, unlike many other providers, we'll never ask you to sign a long lease. We're a family-run company, and we completely understand how important it is to you as a business owner to maintain control of what you need from your office space.

Mill Studio has been offering office space in Ware for many years. We have a proven track-record — but this is secondary to the fact that our terms are always flexible, designed to meet your needs. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you get back on track.