According to important business people (probably based in London), one of the key benefits for a lot of companies when using a serviced office is the access to meeting rooms. Here at Mill Studio, we operate a ‘pay as you use’ system so there is only a charge for when you actually need the meeting room.

Now, if it was up to us the 3 P’s of a good meeting room would be a meeting containing Pyjamas, Prosecco & Pizza, but unfortunately for everyone, it’s not (sad face)! In order to have a productive and efficient meeting, a meeting room should serve the basic principal of the 3 P’s. The content, we’ll leave up to you.


The meeting room should be fit for purpose and provide a practical space for people using the room. This means the chairs should be comfortable, all tables and furniture in working condition, good lighting and if possible, natural lighting to boost productivity and help combat sleepiness and zoning out (results vary, depending on the subject of the meeting)


The meeting room does not have to be ultra-modern and cool but needs to be presentable and offer a nice atmosphere for people in the room. It should be clean, minimalistic and decluttered so people can focus on the purpose of the meeting.


This is an important P, as most companies want to feel like they can have confidential conversations without the risk of being overhead. Meeting rooms can also be a great extra if you work in an open plan office and need to have a confidential call with a client or colleague.

At Mill Studio we have 2 spacious meeting rooms available on the 1stfloor opposite reception. These meetings room boast lots of natural day light and all equipment for conference calling, presentations and much more.

If you would like more information about the meeting rooms and other services we offer, or if you would just like to buy us some Pizza, please call on 01920 464464 or email