FROM 235 TO 1,300 sq ft

When leasing a standard office space instead of the serviced office, you are responsible for organising your own IT, telephone lines and general management of the premises, which can take a great deal of time, effort and money. At Mill Studio, with our serviced offices we take care of all of this for you and more, allowing you to focus your resources on running your business instead. We provide the best possible services, ensuring a highly comfortable office space.

Mill Studio office space suites are stylish, contemporary and open plan with completely flexible layout options, so you can adapt them to your requirements. Sizes range from 235 - 1,300 sq ft, enabling us to accommodate small to large organisations, with space for your office furniture and equipment. You can also upsize or downsize your office space as your circumstances change*, with the benefit of retaining the same address, IT and communications infrastructure, minimising disruption to your business. Our serviced office complex, situated in a lively and convenient Hertford area offers you everything your business needs. Office spaces can be occupied immediately on simple terms, with no long-term commitment*.

Studies suggest that businesses will often reduce costs by up to 78% when using a serviced office. This is because the quarterly service fee includes many of your everyday office expenses, taking away the worry of unexpected bills. It also includes one hour's use of a meeting room each day.

Call 01920 460000 or email now and book a viewing of your next office space. The serviced office will make running your business more flexible.


* Subject to availability and contract

Studies by the UK Chartered Institute of Purchasing state that businesses will often reduce costs by up to 78% when using a serviced office.